ASSIGNMENT - Videography - Module 1

Getting started - Cameras, Equipment and the digital world


  • What file format is best to use for your video files?
  • TRUE OR FALSE: In 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution, there are 1920 pixels in the width and 1080 pixels in the height, so the aspect ratio is 1920:1080. Using simple math, both of these figures are divided by 120 to give you an aspect ratio is 16:9.
  • If your video is shot at 24fps, how many frames per second is it displaying?
  • What happens in the first assembly stage?
  • TRUE OR FALSE: You CANNOT just add your favourite songs to your video if you are going to share it, publish it on YouTube, social media or any other platform. That is a breach of copyright for the artist and this is illegal. You must use royalty-free music.

  • File must be saved as a .jpg file for upload.
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