Course Updates - Artificial Intelligence Has Arrived !

We are super excited to announce that all Lightroom Classic and Photoshop module updates are now complete.  This is in response to the recent introductions of major changes to Lightroom Classic and Photoshop by Adobe which include the mind blowing introduction of Artificial Intelligence.  You will absolutely love these modules. We regularly update all of our course content to ensure students are getting the most up top date, comprehensive learning experience. Students please note as part of these updates we have implemented some really cool changes to the delivery of these Adobe related lessons and we now use a lot of video demonstrations of the techniques we are teaching.  We are sure you will enjoy this method of presentation.  A great tip for modules that include downloadable workbooks and to ensure you are working on the latest version, don’t download each module workbook until just before you start working.  If you are returning after taking a break, re-download your module workbook before you get back into it.  


Check out the GETTING STARTED section in the RESOURCE CENTRE. Explore the camera overview videos and reviews to help you get your head around some popular cameras. More to be added soon, so check back now and then to see what’s new.


ELEC09:  Creating Video for Social Media.
A switch from still photography into the world of video production. This unit covers the basics of creating your own video content and publishing it to platforms like YouTube. This elective focusses on vlogging (video blogging), a fun and effective way to boost your profile and market your photography business.

It’s New, It’s Exciting, It’s Fun.


Take a break from still images and try your hand at video.  Our new videography course has something for everyone, whether you just want to create short video clips for YouTube and Vlogging or take things to the next level and shoot and produce product, travel, training or event videos or short documentaries.  We cover the three stages of production in detail and will have you creating quality video productions in no time.

This is a six module course delivered 100% online.  Training uses a combination of module workbooks and video tutorials with lots of hands-on planning, shooting and post-production time. Talk to My Learning Online and sign up today.


Modules must be done in the correct order.  Each new module builds on the skills you learnt in previous modules.  Skipping ahead means gaps in your learning and that is not a good thing.  Lodge one assignment at a time. Do NOT lodge your next assignment until you have successfully passed the previous assignment.


When you are out and about with your camera, it is very easy to get distracted or forget where you are.  STAY SAFE.  ThInk, keep away from edges, stay behind safety barriers, watch for traffic and look up.  Your safety is important.  Don’t put yourself in danger.  


You may have noticed recently that some parts of our website have changed a little.  The updating of our website is designed to bring you a better student experience and make learning with us easier and more enjoyable.  We apologise for any inconvenience during this process.  If you need assistance, please use the GETTING HELP button at the top and one of our team will assist you ASAP (during office house that is – we do need to get some sleep!)

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