The following videos will take you step by step through using Lightroom Classic to edit your images.  These videos align with your module workbook.  Before you start, make sure you have the correct software installed on your computer. Lightroom is not the same as Lightroom Classic.  You must have LIGHTROOM CLASSIC to do this module.  The video below explains the different Adobe software options and how to install what you need.

Adobe software explained


Click on to view full screen.  Press ESC to exit full screen mode.

LRC2302 What is Lightroom Classic all about

LRC1 03 V3 Importing Images into Lightroom and Synchronising Folders

LRC1 04 V3 Customising your catalogue

LRC1 05 V3 Customising your Library Workspace

LRC1 06 V3 Rating your images

LRC1 07 V3 Adding keywords to your images

LRC1 08 V3 Filtering images

LRC1 09 V3 Exporting your images as jpg files

LRC1 10 V3 Adding a simple text watermark

LRC1 11 V3 Getting familiar with Develop mode

LRC1 12 V3 Applying changes from one image to another

LRC1 13 V3 Creating a virtual copy of an image

LRC1 14 V3 Basic: Auto Tones and Apply a profile

LRC1 15 V3 Basic: Match Tonal Exposures

LRC1 16 V3 Basic: White Balance

LRC1 17 V3 Basic: Adjusting exposure

LRC1 18 V3 Basics: Highlights and shadow sliders

LRC1 19 V3 Basics: Whites and blacks sliders

LRC1 20 V3 Basics: Presence sliders

LRC1 21 V3 Presets

LRC1 22 V3 Snapshots and History

LRC1 23 V3 Crop an image

LRC1 24 V3 Straighten an image