The following videos will take you step by step through some of the techniques in Adobe Photoshop used by Photographers.  These videos align with your module workbook.  Before you start, make sure you have the correct software installed on your computer and it is working properly. 

Adobe Software Info and Installation Guide

Lesson 1 Video

Click on to view full screen.  Press ESC to exit full screen mode.

PS1 02 V3 Intro to Photoshop

PS1 03 V3 Working with the Bridge

PS1 04 V3 The RAW processor

PS1 05 V3 RP Apply a Profile

PS1 06 V3 RP Adjusting the light

PS1 07 V3 RP Adjusting the colour

PS1 08 V3 RP Adding effects

PS1 09 V3 RP Curve adjustments

PS1 10 V3 RP Crop, rotate and flip

PS1 11 V3 RP Straightening an image

PS1 12 V3 RP Colour Mixer

PS1 13 V3 RP Colour Grading

PS1 14 V3 RP Noise Reduction

PS1 15 V3 RP Localised Corrections

PS1 16 V3 RP Masking

PS1 17 V3 RP Snapshots

PS1 18 V3 RP Presets

PS1 24 V3 PS The Photoshop workspace

PS1 25 V3 PS Saving images in Photoshop

PS1 26 V3 PS Actions

PS1 27 V3 PS Creative Cropping

PS1 28 V3 PS Straightening an image

PS1 29 V3 PS Tonal Curve Adjustments

PS1 30 V3 PS Adjustment layers

PS1 31 V3 PS Fill layers

PS1 32 V3 PS Simple text watermark

PS1 33 V3 PS Auto Sharpening Options

PS1 34 V3 PS Unsharp mask

PS1 35 V3 Grey sky to blue and graduated filter

PS1 36 V3 PS Unwanted object removal

PS1 37 V3 Panorama