UNIT 7:  Nature, travel and other genres of Photography

Where do your talents lay?  In this unit we try out a few photography specialties including travel photography, nature and wildlife, architecture, urban and street photography, night photography, food and macro photography.

Each genre is similar yet very different.  Learn the nuances of each.  Learn how the professionals do it, from camera settings to angles and perspective that capture the magic at just the right time, just the right way.

Recommended for students with an interest in the world around them and capturing it in all it’s glory.


UNIT 8: Portrait and Event Photography

If you like working with people, you will love this unit.  We dive into studios & portrait photography, weddings and fashion photography, sports and event  photography, some photo journalism, a little real estate photography, HDR images and a quick look at the advertising and product photography arenas.  We get to play with modern studio lighting equipment and create lighting setups to flatter our subjects and make our products pop!

Recommended for students who love working with people or love to set the stage and create some magic.  Anyone with an interest in portrait photography, wedding photography, new born photography, studio photography, fashion photography will enjoy this.

UNIT 12:  Developing Your Portfolio

This one is all about you.  This is where you take a look at what you do and what drives you to do what you do.  We take a look back at the first time you picked up a camera and where you are at now.  This is where you put together the best of your work and create that all important “portfolio”.  It is your time to shine.  Show off you new found skills, and give yourself a well earned pat on the back. 

Recommended for all students who are looking to gain employment or work for themselves in the world of Photography.

ELECTIVE 4: The Business of Photography

Business names, web sites, copyright, legal stuff, accounting and cash flow, sustainable pricing, BAS returns, budgets, safe work practices, advertising, contracts and more.  All the things we don’t like to think about but must know to run a successful, sustainable photography business that will give you the income and lifestyle you crave.  If you are considering starting your own photography business, this unit is a “must do”.

Recommended for students who have an interest in starting their own business or are working for themselves.

ELECTIVE 5: The History of Photography

A timeline of the world of photography plus a little bit more.  We investigate the contribution some individuals have had along the way and how some images have impacted on the world as we know it today.  You cannot help but be surprised and perhaps a little impressed as we look at where some of the innovators and also the rebels have taken photography.  This unit is full of surprises, reflections and intrigue as we realise the impact a single powerful image can have on the world.

Recommended for students with a general interest in all genres of photography.

ELECTIVE 6: Creating Inspired Images

Learning to look at the world through the eyes of the camera, to process what you are looking at in a whole new light.  This unit is a huge step in taking your photography to the next level.  Every image should “tell a story”.  To do this well, it must capture the ambience and mood of the scene and compel the viewer to take a second look.

That is the essence of OPTION 9: Creating Inspired Images

Recommended for students with an interest in landscape photography, travel photography, photo journalism, urban photography or street photography.

ELECTIVE 7:  Photography Advanced Techniques

Are you up for a challenge?  Learn to think differently and problem solve as you go.  We tackle the awesome effect of high speed impact photography and give smoke photography and water droplet photography a splash.  Indulge your creativity and sense of fun with a little forced perspective photography. Venture into the darkness and capture some star trails or do a little light painting.  To balance it out, discover the beautiful calming effect of bokeh photography.

Recommended for students who have a sense of adventure, are a little interested in science, are confident in their abilities and like to be challenged.

ELECTIVE 8: Natural Light Portraits

Step into the world of the Professional Portrait Photographer. From location scouting to creative lighting outdoors, we show you some simple ideas for image composition and posing that can turn an ordinary shot into stunning portrait. Learn how to hide double chins, slim legs and trim waists. This module is a must do for anyone interested in portrait photography. It includes individual portraits, families, groups and we haven’t forgotten the four-legged members of the family.

Recommended for all students, especially those that like working with people.