The following videos will take you step by step through the techniques in Lightroom 2.  This follows on from Lightroom 1.  The software we are using is LIGHTROOM CLASSIC.  Before you start, make sure you have the correct software installed on your computer and it is working properly. If you are not familiar with using LIGHTROOM CLASSIC, go to Lightroom 1 and view the videos before continuing with Lightroom 2.

Click on to view full screen.  Press ESC to exit full screen mode.

LRC2 31 V3 Tone Curve Adjustments

LRC2 32 V3 Noise reduction

LRC2 33 V3 Sharpening

LRC2 34 V3 Healing and spot removal

LRC2 35 V3 Red eye correction

LRC2 36 V3 Masking subject sky background

LRC2 37 V3 Masking Brush

LRC2 38 V3 Masking Lineal gradient

LRC2 39 V3 Masking Radial gradient

LRC2 40 V3 Masking Colour and luminance

LRC2 41 V3 Masking People

LRC2 42 V3 Beauty retouching

LRC2 43 V3 Create an effect preset

LRC2 44 V3 Selective colour effects

LRC2 45 V3 Colour changer

LRC2 46 V3 Colour grading