The following videos will take you step by step through the techniques taught in your module workbook for Photoshop 2.  This follows on from Photoshop 1.  These videos align with your module workbook. 

If you are not familiar with using Photoshop, complete Photoshop 1 before continuing.  

Click on to view full screen.  Press ESC to exit full screen mode.

PS2 01 V3 PS Marque Tool

PS2 02 V3 PS Lasso Tool

PS2 03 V3 PS Quick Selection Tools

PS2 04 V3 PS Spot Healing Brush

PS2 05 V3 PS Duplication and Cloning

PS2 06 V3 PS Healing Brush

PS2 07 V3 PS Patch Tool

PS2 08 V3 PS Content Aware Move Tool

PS2 09 V3 PS Perspective Correction

PS2 10 V3 PS Beauty Retouching

PS2 11 V3 PS Liquify the Face

PS2 12 V3 PS Red Eye Tool

PS2 13 V3 PS Masking – Adjustment Brush

PS2 14 V3 PS Masking – Linear Gradient

PS2 15 V3 PS Masking – Radial Gradient

PS2 16 V3 PS Masking – Colour and Luminance

PS2 17 V3 PS Background and Magic Eraser Tool

PS2 18 V3 PS Eraser Tool

PS2 19 V3 PS Blur and Smudge

PS2 20 V3 PS Paint Bucket and Colour Replacement Tools

PS2 21 V3 PS Text and Logo Watermark

PS2 22 V3 PS Split Toning